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Saturday morning we noticed Kale was limping a bit, and not using his right front leg. We figured he sprained it, since he is always running and jumping around and playing with Brigid, so I thought if it doesnt get better by Monday we will take him to the vet for an xray. Then as the day went on we noticed he was kinda wobbly, and by afternoon it was clear he was ataxic and this was more than just a foot thing. He had no symptoms in the head or neck, so I wasnt super worried, although I knew he would need to be seen.
Saturday evening he stayed in his crate during the party so he wouldnt get stepped on or run into people, and when we let him out around 1am he seemed about the same
Sunday morning he was worse, stumbling more and really not able to use his front right leg at all, he was falling quite a lot and I was really worried. I checked him over and couldnt find any injuries, he gave me no pain response so I figured at that point its not a local injury, its something else. He was also quite lethargic, which is SO unlike him.  a little while later when he went outside he had trouble getting up from the floor and walking was really hard for him - at this point his back right leg was also not working well, so we took him to the vet.
The vet examined him and checked his nerve responses and overall health and unfortunately we dont have a solid answer yet. He presents as if he had a stroke, but she thought this wasnt very likely, and the only way to be sure is with a full neuro exam and MRI, so we have to set up an appointment for a neuro exam and possibly an MRI.
In the meantime he is on steroids and if its inflammatory they should help. If they dont help, that will tell us something too, but for now it is wait and see
He seems a little more like himself today, but still lethargic and stumbly. Updates as we get them.

Update Jan 5th - Today has been a helluva day. Started at the Neurologist and during her exam she got a pain response around his neck, and based on everything else she thought it was either 1) a tumor pressing on the spinal cord in the neck area 2) a ruptured disk in the neck area. The only way to know for sure was an MRI, so off we went to Redwood City for an MRI.
Then it was back to the neurologist to examine the results and talk options.

Its a tumor, or rather, multiple tumors. and they are not pressing on the spinal cord, they are *in* the spinal cord, and also there are some in his lungs. Oh and the problem with his eye the last few days, yep, tumor.

we talked treatment and options and it comes down to keeping him comfortable. Doc estimates a few weeks to a month for him. There is no surgical option to fix his stumbling since that one is in the spine. Chemo might relieve some of the symptoms and buy him a bit more time, but would involve multiple vet visits and be very costly, all for a maybe. And, he hasn't shown any improvement on the prednisone so chemo becomes less likely to succeed.

So, now we keep him comfortable and when he tells us it's time we will let him go, even though I don't want to but I have to try and not be selfish.

Anyone who wants to come visit him over the next couple weeks please do! he would love to have extra scritches and chicken :)

A&S: Call for teachers

The Arts & Sciences Tourney will be held on June 11th and 12th, 2011 at Beautiful Ed Levin Park.

There will be 4 class periods on Saturday and 2 on Sunday, and I hope to have a large variety of classes for our populace to enjoy this year!

If you would like to teach a class please fill out the online form here:

I look forward to the exciting classes that will be offered by the great talents of the West!


Can you say "BEST. WAR. EVER!" ?

 I knew you could ;-)

This was seriously the best West/AnTir War I have ever been to. There are many reasons for this but the biggest is the people that I got to spend time with. Camp Awesome, which had some of my favorite people ever in it, and allowed me to spend quality time with them as well as great people I haven't had a chance to hang with much before. I met tons of new people, which is always fun for me. And I got to see my AnTir friends who I miss greatly and do NOT get to see enough.

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Best war ever, I had a great week. Thanks to everyone who helped make it so!
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Updated Kingdom A&S Competition Calendar

Many changes are coming in the next few months for Arts and Sciences, and one of those changes is that the Royal A&S Championship that had been scheduled for October Crown is cancelled.

The competitions that were scheduled for that event will be held at Purgatorio, in August. Any scores will count towards eligibility for the Golden Poppy (except for the research paper).

Therefore the updated Competition Calendar for Arts & Sciences for the rest of the year is:

  • Performing Arts: Musical Performance - period piece
  • Practical Science: Made of Hide
  • Technical Science: Tools
  • Performing Arts: Allusion - create and perform an original piece in a period style using literary or historical allusion _or_ perform a period piece that incorporates allusion.
  • Technical Science: Pilgrim's Accessories - any necessities pilgrims may need on a journey
  • Practical Science: Sources of Illumination and Light
  • Fine Arts: The use of animal imagery.
  • Research Paper: Any Topic, 10 pages **Special Note - this piece will not count towards the golden poppy scores**

Thank you for supporting Arts and Sciences

stitch ass

epic party!

wow. been a LONG time since our house was that packed and boy did we have some fun! almost every glass in the cabinet was used, we stayed up till 6 am and I'm not even hungover today, win for me!

We also welcomed the return of 4am D time, it was fabulous. Bonus wrasslin hilarity and hot blonde Josh sandwich topped off the night :)
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A&S Info

Kingdom A&S information is live!


Schedule and Class Descriptions are linked from the main event page.

If you are a teacher and don't see your class in the schedule, please contact me ASAP.
If you are a teacher and your day/time/name/etc is wrong, please contact me ASAP.
If you are a teacher and your class has no description, please fill out the webform ASAP.